"Amanda Scalici's sultry vocals are reminiscent of the vintage jazz era. Her articulate vocals are complimented by the full, rich sounds that Robert Scalici emulates from his guitar. Their connection comes alive when they perform together!"

Brett Douglas, Morning Show Host of Kiss 105.3 FM

What Audiences Are Saying

"Amanda had a beautiful voice. [The audience] couldn't stop raving about them."

- Anthony V. 

"Wonderful, ethereal musicians" - Sheila L. 

"We are fans of music from the 40s, 50's and 60's and Amanda's beautiful voice and Rob's expertise in guitar had us all enjoying the night to the fullest."

Jeannie L.

"Great guitarist (Robert Scalici) and wonderful Female Vocalist [Amanda Scalici], loved every moment of their performance."

- Nellie Z. 

"They are highly skilled, play beautifully together and know just how to pace the evening."

- Danielle H. 

"Amanda's voice is angelic. She is a true talent and an amazing performer."

- Vin P. 

"They are the best!!"

- Benjamin K.

"Rob and the rest of the band were a huge part of making the evening so special. I would highly recommend them to all of our friends and family."

- Anna M. 

"Amanda has such a beautiful voice and paired with the jazz guitar stylings of Rob, you feel transported to a place in time where iPhones don't exist. A new #1 fan!"

- Elle L. 

"Rob and Amanda did not fail to deliver."

- Mark M.